Self Portrait

Some People Take Really Great Selfies


A Little Piece Of Heaven


This selfie by Helen-Stifler on DeviantArt is very creative and the mix of colors really make this self-portrait great. Of course the big blue eye, the great makeup and the subtle retouching makes the girl looks like a professional model which never hurts when it comes to portraits. The expression on her face is also interesting as it adds some personality to the image. If anything, I think this girl makes a great case for blue hair!


Creature Fear


A dramatic self-portrait from x-chriscross-x over at DeviantArt that look straight from a Nike commercial. What I first like about this black and white portrait is the quality of the photo, it jumps at you, the perception of depth is amazing because of the much darker background and also the relatively shallow depth of field. The way it was post-processed surely has played a big part too. You don’t get black and white photos like that just coming out of a camera!

Another thing I like, the sweat and runny makeup add texture to the face and the sharpness of the image really brings out all those details along with of course the eyes. The intensity of her look along with the sweat and mascara running down her cheeks could give the impression that she just came back from a grueling day of workout. That or she has just escaped from a cabin of horror deep in the woods!


Morningfun extended


Great self-portrait taken by Nadine2807 over at DeviantArt. The emphasis is obviously on the big green eyes with the big eyelashes but the black hair and the red lips also attract attention.The blue shirt and background along with the pink bubble on her head add some great colors to the overall picture. Finally, the staged pose or “acting” adds a fun dimension to the portrait.